Designing a wind farm for individual energy consumers


  • Egamov D
  • Azamatov Abdumutallib Ulugbek o’g’li
  • Raxmatullayev Shamsiddin Hakimboy õğli


Key words: Wind power, wind, potential, power, small turbines , towers, dry turbines, blade length, pole location, analysis of wind power plants that generate electricity from low-speed wind.


     ABSTRACT an Wind resource assessment can assess wind energy potential globally, by country or region, or for a specific area. The potential of wind resources in our region has been studied in detail, precautions and possibilities of wind power plants that produce electricity from low-speed wind have been studied. Current wind power plants that work even at low wind speeds have been analyzed and comments on their achievements and existing shortcomings have been made. Also, the article recommends some projects on the design of wind power devices operating at low wind speed. The characteristics of devices operating at low wind speed were studied through the conducted experiment.

Author Biographies

Egamov D

Senior lecturer of the "Alternative energy sources" department

Azamatov Abdumutallib Ulugbek o’g’li

Andijan machine building institute

Raxmatullayev Shamsiddin Hakimboy õğli

Andijan machine building institute



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Egamov D, Azamatov Abdumutallib Ulugbek o’g’li, & Raxmatullayev Shamsiddin Hakimboy õğli. (2024). Designing a wind farm for individual energy consumers. Лучшие интеллектуальные исследования, 24(1), 268–279. Retrieved from