• Diyorova Mahliyo


Key words: mass media language, medialinguistics, linguodidactics, media translation, news texts, and media discourse.


Amidst the swift advancements in technology, diverse communication
modalities, and the growing significance of information in societal affairs,
informational genres across various media platforms assume particular significance.
They currently face fierce competition from alternative information creation and
reception methods made possible by new technologies. The advancement of human
society is dependent on verbal communication. The majority of the information that
the media provides today interests us all. It is hard to picture our lives without
information from the mass media. The people of Kazakhstan can access a variety of
television news programs in multiple languages thanks to the advancements in
modern communication technology. Furthermore, in accordance with the trinity of
languages cultural projectModern society seeks to orient itself to the sociopolitical
life of a republic and a common world.



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